Data Management

Have all your clients' information at your finger tips to streamline processes and improve patient care

Easily manage all of your form submission data

Export to Excel

Export bulk entries for reporting with a CSV export. With a simple design you can speed up transferring patient data into your EHR or other systems.

PDF Generation

Instantly generate a PDF version of completed forms. Need to send a complete medical records release with the patient's signature? Easy.


Collaborate with other providers. Quickly send a legally signed medical release, medical history, and consents to streamline data transfer.

Client timeline

Refer to a client's timeline to see if all their forms have been completed. Every form a client has be sent or completed is stored and accesible form their personal timeline.

Feature-packed, simple to use.

ZENTAKE is full to the brim with easy-to-use, highly customizable features that cater specifically to your needs.

Data Collection

Easily customize forms with different question types to collect accurate data.

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Protect sensitive health data and stay compliant with data privacy regulations.

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Data Management

Download entry data as a csv or pdf file so you can share with your team or import to other systems

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Mobile Friendly

Allow your clients to complete documents from anywhere on any device.

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Custom Work Flows

Capture all the information you need at the right time and place to take action.

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All-star Support

Our friendly and knowledgable team is always ready to help you. 

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