Do your patients a favor; start using secure electronic forms today.


Paper is a problem! The opportunity to use less paper can benefit you in more ways than one. Save money on ink and paper and remove the costs associated with paper systems printing, transcribing, scanning, shredding, etc.


Maintaining a paper solution is resource-intensive and processing them is time consuming. Don’t waste time printing and preparing the forms, scanning documents, transcribing information or keeping track of paper files.


Using electronic forms allow you to control the quality and legibility of the data you’re collecting. You can make sure that patients don't overlook specific questions. This leads to more accurate information from the patient.


How It Benefits Your Patients

Patients no longer need to print out forms and bring them to the appointment.
Patients will fill out your forms in the convenience of their own home.
Patients no longer need to come to appointments early to fill out forms.
Patients prefer filling out forms electronically rather than by hand.

How It Benefits You

All forms are stored securely in the cloud so you can access them anywhere.
Receive forms long before appointments and have time to review them.
Eliminate costs of paper system: printing, scanning, transcribing, shredding.
Increased customer satisfaction and better legibility.

How It Works

We have 2 modes to distribute electronic forms.
E-Mail Mode and Tablet Mode.


E-Mail Mode

Step 1 - Fill out client information
There are only 3 things required to send a form. The client's first name, last name, and email.
Step 2 - Send the form
Once you've filled out the information, you select a form and send it.
Step 3 - Wait
Now you wait until the client fills out the form. You will be notified when they complete it.
Step 4 - Review
After the client is finished, you may view / export the completed form.

Tablet Mode

Step 1 - Select a form
Select the form that you want the client to complete.
Step 2 - Wait
Now that the form is selected, pass the tablet to the client and wait for them to complete it.
Step 3 - Review
After the client is finished, you may view / export the completed form in the application.

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