About Us

We help practices focus on patients, not paperwork.

In 2019, we started building ZENTAKE by focusing all our efforts on building the easiest, most user-friendly, customizable, HIPAA secure intake product available. A product all practices would love and one that would cater to a wide range of use cases.

We’re not like most tech companies today. We wanted to build a product that wasn’t beholden to a group of external investors. That’s why we focused on building the product from the ground up, without the need for venture capital. Every decision we make is driven by our customers feedback and a goal to make the product more valuable for them.

Our product is constantly evolving, driven by the requirements of our growing customer base. While things kicked off in Salt Lake City, Utah, we now have team members scattered across the globe. From the picturesque countryside of Canada to sun-soaked Brazil, our global team are product experts, passionate about helping our customers get the most out of the platform.