5 Ways Digital Intake Forms Benefit Your Practice

September 26, 2022

Patient paperwork causes headaches in healthcare practices all over, and the possibility of a digital process is intriguing. Advanced digital intake replaces the reams of incomplete patient paper work with an all-electronic process that is much more manageable. Healthcare practices can have patients complete digital intake forms on a tablet upon arrival or even fill and sign forms from their phone or computer ahead of time.

If you are trying to run an efficient practice, this might sound more complicated than you and your group can handle, yet it’s not as difficult as it may seem. The following are five valid justifications to consider going paperless by switching to digital intake forms.

1. Improve Care for the Patient

Most healthcare providers got into their field for one purpose: to help their patients. Standard paper-based processes prevent this. In many practices, patients finish up administrative work when they come through the front door, speedily scribbling to finish their forms just a short time prior to seeing a doctor. In a paperless office, where patients can receive all their forms via email or text, days or weeks before their appointment allows them to take as much time as is needed. Parents and guardians are better prepared for the appointment and the patient doesn't need to rehash data they've already given on the digital intake form.

2. Improve the Patient’s Experience

Your patients are your clients. Patient satisfaction has a major impact in retaining them and establishing a good first impression is vital for them to feel welcome in your office. Utilizing electronic forms that patients can finish before their visit shows you value their time. They never again need to come in 20 to 30 minutes before their appointment to fill out a clipboard loaded with paper. They can appear without a moment to spare and remain at ease knowing their healthcare team has all the data they need.

3. Smooth Out Your Work Processes

Having a reliable digital intake system means you can eliminate the use of paper inside your office. Office staff will never again have to invest energy printing out papers, guaranteeing patients finish them, making sure they are legible than manually entering information or checking forms and joining them to patient records. By lessening that responsibility, your front office staff can focus on the patient and providing better service. 

4. Going Paperless Costs You Less

By utilizing digital intake forms, your practice saves money on the cost of paper and ink, printer upkeep, as well as time spent on administrative tasks. Changing to an all-computerized work process saves a lot of trees, which is a top worry for some individuals and may make your service more alluring to a more extensive patient base.

5. Protect Patient Information Easier

Security and data protection are among the largest concerns for any healthcare practice. ZENTAKE’s digital intake forms reduce the possibility of losing patient data — an undeniable concern when fraud is rampant. When reports remain digital there is less of a possibility that somebody will incidentally see sensitive information.