6 steps to get started with electronic forms

November 21, 2022

During a medical appointment, Staff will collect a patients demographics and medical history,  sign consent forms, complete assessments, write a prescription order, update the patient’s chart, and write a referral to a specialist. talk all these different forms times them by the number of patients the staff sees in a day. How can you switch all of that information to online forms?

  1. What are your  workflows. Think about the purpose of your current paperwork will help you pinpoint what type of digital solution would best replace it.
  2. Get your staff and providers on board. Staff likely wants to do less paperwork but may feel overwhelmed with implementing a new system. By including them in the conversation you’ll get them excited, and make the implementation process alot more smooth.
  3. Give patients the ability to complete their paperwork on their schedule. Instead of making patient coming to their appointment 15 minutes early to fill out paper forms, send them thier intake forms directly to them via text or email before their visit. You can look over these forms before the patient arrives
  4. .Have the right tools to go paperless. Items like tablets can make it easier to use online forms. For example, Give your staff the freedom to complete last minute forms with the patient directly from a tablet in the office.
  5. Find a HIPAA-compliant online form solution. HIPAA-compliant solutions like Zentake keep your patient data secure and private. Plus, replacing paperwork with online forms means that you don’t have to worry about violating HIPAA because your documents were lost or stolen.

These tips enable you to better use online forms and reduce how much paper your office uses. By reducing the amount of time your staff spend on paperwork, you can improve patient care and make your staff happier.