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Experience versatility. Our platform is feature-packed, user-friendly, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize patient intake and streamline healthcare processes.
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100% HIPAA Compliant

Your patient data is safe. We're 100% HIPAA compliant, assuring the confidentiality and security of medical information on our platform.

Legal Electronic Signatures

Streamline document signing with legal electronic signatures. Our platform offers a secure and compliant solution for swift, paperless agreements.

Custom Form Builder

Customize intake forms to your practice's unique needs effortlessly. Our custom form builder lets you create, modify, and personalize digital forms with ease.

Document Filler

Make it easy for clients to securely sign PDF documents. Our Document filler feature allows for seamless data entry, and E-signatures.

Intake Packets

Effortlessly assemble intake packets for your patients. Our platform lets you compile forms and distribute complete digital intake packets, enhancing the onboarding process.

Insurance Card Upload

Patients can easily upload their insurance cards, simplifying the verification process and improving data accuracy.

Autocomplete fields

Patients enter information once, Prefill forms with existing patient data, reducing the need for redundant entries and saving time during the intake process.

Required Fields

Ensure data completeness. Designate required fields in forms, guaranteeing essential information is collected and reducing incomplete submissions.

Send via Text Message

Share forms with ease. Send digital intake forms via text message for quick access, enhancing the patient experience and simplifying the onboarding process.

Custom SMS Invitations

Craft custom SMS invitations for patients, enhancing engagement and streamlining the intake process with tailored messages.

Send via Email

Effortless form delivery. Send digital intake forms directly through email, making it convenient for patients to complete and submit forms remotely.

Custom Email Invitations

Send custom email invitations to patients with personalized messages, streamlining the onboarding process and increasing engagement.

Easy Submission

Simplify Intake. With easy submission, clients can complete forms hassle-free, without the need for login credentials, enhancing the pre-appointment process

Flexible Question Types

Versatile data collection. Utilize various question types to gather diverse information, tailoring forms to your specific needs and enhancing patient understanding.

Conditional Logic

Tailor patient forms dynamically. Use conditional logic to display or hide fields based on responses, creating personalized and efficient digital intake forms.

Office Tablet Forms

Modernize your in-office experience. Our tablet forms make patient onboarding a breeze, allowing for efficient data capture right at your practice.

Embed Forms on Website

Enhance your website with embedded forms. Easily integrate forms directly onto your site for a seamless patient experience and improved data collection.

Prefilled Forms

Empower doctors with prefilling capabilities. Easily populate fields in forms before sending to patients.

Provider Only Forms

Enhance provider efficiency. Create forms exclusively for practitioners, enabling streamlined documentation of treatment, reducing errors, and simplifying administrative tasks for improved patient care.

File Attachments

Easily exchange documents. Patients can attach necessary files to intake forms, simplifying the sharing of essential medical records and reports.

Drawing And Diagrams

"Enhance communication. Doctors and patients can use drawing and diagrams to illustrate medical concepts and concerns, fostering clearer understanding.


Simplify data analysis. Perform automatic calculations within forms, allowing for real-time data processing and providing quick insights for medical professionals.

Kiosk Form Page

Transform your waiting area. Use our kiosk form page to allow patients to complete forms on-site, enhancing in-office efficiency and patient experience.

Mobile Friendly Forms

Access from anywhere. Our mobile-friendly forms ensure patients can conveniently complete intake forms on their smartphones, improving accessibility and flexibility.

Custom Branding

Reinforce your brand identity. Our platform offers custom branding options, so your intake forms reflect your practice's unique style and professionalism.

User Management

Manage users and permissions with ease, ensuring the right people have access to patient data and forms.

Account Audit Logs

Stay informed and secure. Account audit logs provide a comprehensive record of user activities, ensuring transparency and security within your system.

Save And Continue Later

Flexibility for patients. Our 'Save and Continue Later' option lets patients complete forms at their own pace, reducing stress and improving engagement.

PDF Generation

Instant document creation. Generate PDFs from completed forms, streamlining record-keeping and improving the sharing of vital patient information.

Export to Excel/CSV

Export bulk entries for reporting with a CSV export. With a simple design you can speed up transferring patient data into your EHR or other systems.

Client Timeline

Streamlined form management. Access a client's timeline to track completed and pending forms, ensuring comprehensive record-keeping and enhanced patient care.

Form Completion Notifications

Stay informed in real-time. Receive notifications when patients complete forms, enabling prompt responses and enhancing patient care.

EHR and EMR Integrations

Seamless data flow. Our platform integrates with PM/EMR systems, ensuring a smooth transfer of patient information for comprehensive care.

Google Drive Integration

Automatically send patient form submissions directly to your Google Drive folder, streamlining record-keeping and data access.

Credit Card on File

Convenience for patients. Store credit card information securely for easy and efficient billing and payment processing within your practice.

All-Star Support

Count on us. Our all-star support team is dedicated to providing exceptional assistance, ensuring you get the most from our platform.

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